Kingsman Review

Kingsman: The Secret Service is the kind of movie that after it had ended I had a hard time finding the words to describe what I had just seen.  Kingsman feels like a Roger Moore era Bond movie with amped up violence.  Kingsman balances two plots one following Eggsy a kid from a poor area of London who’s father was a member of the Kingsman, an old time super spy organization based in England.  After Eggsy’s father saved the life of Colin Firth, Colin’s character code name Galahad grants a favor to Eggsy.  Years later Eggsy finds himself on the wrong side of the law and gives a call to Galahad calling in the favor he has owned him.  Galahad responds by putting Eggsy up as a candidate for the open position in the Kingsman.  Meanwhile billionaire tech tycoon Valentine played by Samuel L. Jackson is gathering all the world’s leaders and notably powerful people by either choice or force to accomplish some mysterious goal.

At times the two concurrent plots feels a bit odd, feeling slightly disjointed.  Eggsy’s training as well as Valentine’s evil plan are played out over what is at least several months maybe even longer and each one is paid equal attention.  The pacing was a bit awkward and the movie felt a little long which I think is due to the fact that they spent too much time handling essentially two different plots.  In the end they meshed together very well and it worked out.  It just wasn’t the smoothest ride.  I could done without so much Kingsman training considering its nothing we haven’t seen before and I thoroughly enjoyed Galahad’s investigation of Valentine and the scenes they were in together, as well as their commentary on Bond movies obviously nodding at their inspiration.

Valentine however was an excellent villain Jackson plays him excellently and I couldn’t help but laugh whenever he was on screen.  He was the right mix of crazy with ridiculousness.  Between his lisp and his aversion to violence he played an excellent villain who I won’t long forget.  His side kick was also amazing.  She sported prosthetic legs with extendable blades which she made excellent use of slicing many limb for limb, and one guy clean in half.

The action is really where this movie shines.  The choreography is phenomenal every moment feels every bit as ridiculous as the next.  Never so much to not enjoy, it never tries to be realistic in terms of what they can do but you can’t help but just have a blast while they fight.  The camera angles during the fight scenes also really stood out to me in constant motion slowing down long enough for you to be able to understand and see all the action.  The fight scenes in this movie are almost like a ride always giving plenty of exciting and fun moments.  The only thing about this movie that made me slightly uneasy was the insane body count there is one scene in particular that I didn’t know if I enjoyed or felt incredibly uncomfortable during but couldn’t help but laugh the whole way through.

Overall Kingsman didn’t throw any curve balls or do anything totally spectacular in the plot but was an incredibly fun journey in an amazing universe I sincerely hope to revisit at some point.  I have always been a Bond film and this is Bond meets Tarantino.  The characters were a blast being so ridiculous yet never taking you out of the movie.  The action was superb and I hope to see more Kingsman going forward I believe a lot can be done in this universe and it could be a lot of fun to see where Eggsy goes after the events of this movie.  I would give Kingsman: 8/10
+ Awesome Choreography
+ Great Camera Angles
+ Fun Bond Feel
+ Awesomely ridiculous villain
– A little long
– Two separate plots for over half the movie

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