Focus Review

Focus was a movie I was really looking forward to.  With the two leads being Will Smith, who as an actor I have always loved, and Margot Robbie who is set to play Harley Quinn.  I wanted to see what the future suicide squad members could do together.  I have to say by far they were the best thing about the movie.  This was by no means I movie I didn’t like, it just never got to the point that I was more than remotely interested.  From the beginning Will Smith doesn’t fail to capture your attention and make you chuckle.  It sets you up to have all the elements of a great caper movie but I couldn’t help but feel it fell short.  Many of the scenes included interesting twists and were quite a bit of fun.  However, ironically the one thing I felt Focus was missing was focus.  I never was able to tell what the movie was really about.  I still don’t know how I would even give a synopsis.  The movie seemed more like a random accumulation of scenes with very interesting con men with no pay out.  I enjoyed watching though I don’t think I’ll be seeing it again any time soon.  Honestly it was quite a bit of a disappointment, I was really expecting awesome things from this movie, it had all the makings of a super fun caper with Will Smith.  Yet it didn’t make it, it was somewhat fun and interesting without any real plot.  I would give this movie a 6/10.

+ Will Smith saves the movie from being downright bad

+  Interesting Cons with clever twists

+  When it was fun it was really cool

–  No main plot, just disjointed scenes


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