Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Luke Skywalker

Hero of the Rebellion

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A few weeks back I discussed Darth Vader as many people have before now, this week I will take a look at Luke and discuss his strengths his weaknesses, and how I think he can be best utilized.  Luke though not as straight up strong as Vader can be used to great avail.  Luke in conjuncture with some support is a great way to bring down Vader, in my opinion he is one of the top options for the Rebels when confronting Vader.  He would be hard pressed to do it alone but since that is reflected in the points there isn’t anything wrong with that.  Luke is way more versatile than Vader his five speed makes him excellent for handling objectives as well as being good in a fight.  Here I will look at his attributes, his die stats, his abilities, and his key words.


Luke comes in at only 10 points which I think is an excellent price for what you bring to the table.  He has 10 health which is solid and 5 speed which is awesome.  It amazes me how much a single movement makes a difference in this game.  With 5 speed Luke is able to move a significant distance in a single turn.  He can focus on either combat or objectives being able to move quite far to accomplish the objective or managing to take 10 hits before  death.  It is also important to note his automatic block to every attack.  Meaning that not only do you have to eat through 10 health you have to do more damage than an average 10 health.  Even with Vader managing his maximum damage Luke will still survive.


Luke’s three die will give a good amount of options when attacking.  You can find all my three die probability tables here.  Luke rolling less than 2 damage is insanely unlikely and he has over 75% chance of rolling 3 damage or more.  Along with that roll he has only an 11% chance of not rolling at least a single surge.  With that surge Luke can do some amazing things.  His +2 Accuracy will likely be useless unless your taking a really long shot, however +2 damage and Recover 2 are both incredible surge abilities.  Adding damage is very obviously helpful however recovering will essentially waste your opponents actions.  Like X-Wing it is important to have a high action economy.  What that means is that the more ways you can ensure you take more actions than your opponent or nullify your opponents actions the greater advantage you will have.  Luke’s ability to heal will begin to nullify your opponents actions giving you a greater action economy, and giving you somewhat of an advantage.


Saber Strike:

Saber strike is an incredible ability, with a saber strike characters with two die no longer posses the advantage they had, and characters with a single die (especially a single black die) will have almost no defense.  A red-yellow with a natural pierce 3 will make sure that damage is sent through.  Probabilities on Red-Yellow combo can be found here.  The saber strike will likely see at least 3 damage with at least 1 surge.  Again Luke will be able to add damage on or recover some damage from himself.


Inspiring allows a re-roll on an attack die of any friendly unit in 3 spaces.  This is an excellent support ability that is really self evident.  However one of the less obvious advantages to inspiring is that at a range of 3 spaces Luke can support characters without opening himself and his allies up to Brutality, Cleave, or Blast.

Key Words

Luke’s only key word is Force User which hasn’t been fleshed out too much with different abilities except for the number of command cards that synergize.  These cards include:  Deflection, Meditation, Knowledge and Defense, and lastly Telekinetic Throw.  I think the best card here is Deflection, though the others aren’t terrible I have found they tend to need specific circumstances to be useful.  Deflection however doesn’t require an action and could cause free damage to another unit.

The Son of Skywalker card is one of the best command cards in the game allowing Luke a free extra activation with only the cost of a figure had just activated.  However that can include Luke himself, so it is only a matter of timing and is not restricted by the trigger too much.  A double activation at the end of the round could take care of Vader or manage to acquire a much needed objective.


Luke is one of the best well rounded characters in the game for his point cost.  He is decently survivable with an auto block and white die.  Any damage that makes it through he can recover.  He can support his allies with Inspiring, and can deal a significant amount of damage with his +2 damage surge on 3 attack die, or his Saber Strike which will pierce 3.  Lastly his 5 speed makes him an excellent unit to handle objectives.  All of this combined with his Son of Skywalker card allowing a double activation make him a force to reckoned with.  Luke is a staple to a lot of Rebel builds which is great to hear considering he is the main character of the original trilogy.  Good lists to use Luke in are:

Smugglers and Spies:

Luke Skywalker

Han Solo

Elite Rebel Saboteur

Rebel Saboteur



Rebel Strike Force:

Luke Skywalker

Elite Rebel Trooper

Rebel Saboteur x 2

Jyn Odan




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