Twin Shadows Speculations

One of the great things about previews like these are that the possibilities seem endless.  We are given just enough that we are so glad to learn more, yet still want more.  We get to see cost and die, health, and speed.  Beyond that we only can manage to make out so much information.  I will begin with what we know the least about.  For two and three die combination probabilities click the links to see the tables I created earlier.



We know literally nothing about C3P0 besides the fact that he exists.  From the card on the Figure Pack page he doesn’t appear to have any attack die, so it would stand to reason he has strong supporting abilities to make up for the fact he can’t attack anyone.  It also appears he has a white defense.  The one speculation I have for 3P0 is that in the description it says he distracts his enemies, which leads me to believe they might give 3P0 the distracting ability which would pair well with any character that has cunning especially; Jyn, Han, Nexu.

Tusken Raider:

The Tuskens are another strong mystery to everyone.  Mainly the discussion as to the number of figures that will be in a group of Tuskens.  They are 5 cost with a surge to weaken and cleave which tells us that they are melee units.  Only the name of the Tusken Raiders ability are visible not the description however based on the description of Tuskens in the article we can assume it is an ability that allows them to make a ranged attack.  “Although the Tusken Raiders are loath to leave their desert homes, within this environment they know every trick for gaining the upper hand on their opponents. During a mission, Tusken Raiders usually begin their  raid with a volley from their Tusken Cycler rifles before closing to melee combat.”  The ability on the card read Tusken Cycler.  Tusken’s also bring with them a new key word “habitat”.  My predictions for the raider is that we will get 3 raiders to a group.  They will likely be able to do a ranged with Blue-Yellow for the Cycler, which will be low damage output.  Their ranged attack main goal will be to surge to weaken.  I also think they will melee with Red-Green which means that won’t be able to cleave to often, due to that combo only surging two thirds of the time.  My bet is they will have relatively low health and good speed.  Habitat is the word I’m most intrigued by.  This is because it will obviously affect a large number of things we will see in the future.  Because of this I could see Habitat giving an evade when on tiles of given type showing their familiarity of the terrain type.

Kayn Somos:

Kayn Somos is titled Trooper Commander, the majority of information we can gather from him is his general info.  He is 10 cost 12 health, 4 speed, Black defense, Blue-Blue-Green attack(check out the stats for his die here).  His surge abilities and special actions are illegible to me.  Though it looks like one surge adds damage while the other looks like a key word followed by a number.  He also has two abilities, at least one of which looks to be a special action.  His traits are also illegible however we can probably assume them to be Trooper and Leader.  My hope with this guy is that he makes trooper only lists viable.  His die make him a significant sniper which leads me to believe his key word is pierce, since that seems to be the idea behind sniping.  As for his abilities I would guess that at least one of them gives a defensive boost to troopers.  I think both abilities will work well with him being the lead from afar type character allowing him to snipe units out.  If he doesn’t have priority target, this guy will work excellently with Marksman, since I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea is to have him be sitting behind waves of troopers.


R2-D2 also appears to unsurprisingly be mostly a supporting piece.  We can see he is 3 cost, with health somewhere from 2-4(I can’t read that too well), as well as 4 speed, a white defense, and a yellow attack.  From the Twin Suns page where the cards are fanned out we can see that R2 has a natural +2 Accuracy and +1 Surge with 3 surge abilities.  His visible surge is a stun, his semi visible surge is the word Pierce though the number is obscured.  I feel that R2 like 3P0 will have strong support abilities and will likely only attack weak characters with the sole intent of stunning.  Rolling only a yellow he will also need to be rather close to get an attack in.

Boba Fett:


To everyone’s joy we have been given nearly the most info about Boba Fett himself, who is the piece everyone was waiting for.  We see that Boba is 13 cost, 12 health, 6 speed, black defense, and blue-green-yellow attack.  From the picture in the Twin Shadows page we can see the top of Boba’s card fanned out more.  He has an auto block and evade as well as mobile, he can also surge to weaken and pierce some number, maybe 1?  His ability took me a long time however I believe I figured out what it says; “After a hostile figure voluntarily exits a space adjacent to you that figure suffers 2 strain.  Limit once per figure per round”  Boba will be a defensive monster his 6 speed with mobile and auto block evade with the black die will make him move like no one else and handle quite a bit of incoming damage.  The one thing about Boba is from what we see he doesn’t have a lot of damage output, I feel his second ability(which looks very long) is some direct damage dealing ability.

Heavy Stormtrooper


Heavy Stormtrooper is obviously the unit we are given the most information about.  For 6 points (which I really enjoy the fact that they cost the same as Stormtrooper Squads) you get two figures that are 6 health, 3 speed, black defense, and blue-red attack.  With an auto +2 Accuracy these guys don’t mind they are slow too much since they want to be shooting from medium range.  Their Composite Plating goes right along with that mind set.  They are guaranteed to hit at an accuracy 4 which is the perfect distance for composite plating.  Check out my article on two die statistics for percentages on all two die combinations.  There is more than an 80% chance of 3+ damage, and 4+ damage has a 44% chance of occurring.  Their max damage is also higher than a regular storm trooper at 5 damage instead of 4.  Blast is a strong surge ability though the heavy storm trooper chance of surging is a little low with only a 44% chance.


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