Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Chewbacca

Loyal Wookie


Today I want to discuss Chewbacca, one of the most famous characters in Star Wars.  As to be expected Chewbacca is the most survivable of all the Rebel units we currently have access to.  He is a very strong character who is like a wall able to defend locations and allies with excellent efficiency.


Chewbacca comes in as the sturdiest Rebel unit.  He boasts 14 health, 4 speed making him quite hard to bring down.  Even Vader and the RGC will need multiple attacks to bring down Chewbacca considering his health and die.  Chewbacca doesn’t have the speed to handle crate carrying objectives, however his survive ability make him excellent for keeping control of a location or objective.  He works best when you can plant him firmly in one location and beat down your opponent’s pieces, especially his melee pieces.


Black-White defense, and Blue-Red-Yellow attack make Chewbacca a formidable force.  His Blue-Red-Yellow attack is looking at nearly a 93% chance of doing 3+ damage with 4+ damage being close to 73% likely.  In fact he has a 39% chance of doing 5+ damage.  Combined with that is his high surge likelihood, only an 18% chance of not surging at all means most of the time Chewbacca will be doing large damage with a surge.  He could even double surge or better at a 40% chance.  (All stats on Chewbacca’s attack die can be found here).  The Black-White combination gives excellent defense.  Below is a table giving percentage probabilities of the black white combination:

Block Evade Dodge
Probability of 0 8.333333 41.66667 83.33333
Probability of 1 25 50 16.66667
Probability of 2 33.33333 8.333333 0
Probability of 3 25 0 0
Probability of 4 8.333333 0 0

With this combination you will almost never have no blocks to speak of.  Often you will be rolling at least 2 blocks, and have over a 50% chance of rolling an evade.  Combine those with the fact that you have nearly a 17% chance of Dodging the attack(Something Vader can’t do), and Chewbacca will not only survive for his health but his good defensive odds.

While attacking Chewbacca also has some incredible surge abilities.  His two most potent are Stun and +2 Damage, however if needed he can boost his accuracy by two.  I don’t find this as important because for the most part Chewbacca is best utilized in the thick of battle, up close and personal.  Stun is especially effective against Vader and the Royal Guard Champion who need their adjacency to score damage.



The more I have made use of Chewbacca the more I have realized that slam is an incredibly under appreciated ability. I haven’t heard a whole lot of mention of Chewbacca as one of the better characters however his Slam ability alone makes him phenomenal.  Slam is the only ability in the game that allows you to move one of your opponents characters(other than force push however this can be used anytime and any number of times.)  The many ways this ability can be utilized is amazing.  He is a natural counter to Vader with the means to survive his attack, he can follow with a Slam attack for a Stun combo stopping Vader in his tracks.  This can also be used on the RGC however his white die might stop the stun.  Though this is the most obvious way to use Slam it is still very powerful.  Next however is the tactics of choosing where to move your enemy.  Two incredibly useful methods of using slam is to bring a character out of cover.  In one game recently I used slam to bring the already activated RGC in line of sight of my Saboteur who was then able to use Maximum Firepower.  Another incredible use of Slam is to gain control of objectives and/or terminals.  There are several missions that require control of an objective to score points, with Chewbacca you can use slam to defend and/or control these locations.  It is also an amazing ability that can pull someone away from one of your other units running away with an objective.


Protector is always a good ability though I will say I probably would prefer a defensive ability that benefits Chewie himself being able to pull in allies and rally them around Chewbacca is strong, obviously this leaves Brutality open however Chewie is probably the Rebels best answer to Vader, and a good answer to RGC.  Units I often use with Chewie’s Protector are usually Gideon and Saboteurs, both of whom are weak defensively.  Gideon provides phenomenal support and up Chewbacca’s chances of wrecking havoc, and Saboteurs can deal massive amounts of damage to nearby foes.



Smuggler command cards include; Disable, Dirty Trick, and Slippery Target.  Disable is alright although I don’t know if the right unit exists for it.  Han and Jyn don’t want to be adjacent to hostiles and Chewbacca has far better uses for his actions.  Dirty Trick is awesome although it is better when running Scum and Villainy since they love to make use of strain.  It is never bad to force your opponent to decide between 3 strain and stun.  Slippery Target is very useful although I would probably use it on a different unit then Chewbacca


Wookie cards include; Wookie Rage, Adrenaline, and Roar.  Wookie Rage is a great card that can force an auto 3 damage when you don’t want to risk slam only giving 1 or 2.  However the only time I see this as useful is if you really need to kill a guy that has exactly 3 health remaining.  So I don’t think this is necessarily great for Chewbacca.  Adrenaline is a good card, not great however if Chewie is nearly dead and you are coming into the last round Adrenaline on Chewbacca might keep 15 points from your enemy long enough for you to win.  Lastly Roar is again another good but not great card for Chewbacca which will allow him to stun up to 3 adjacent units which does synergize with his up close and personal style(though you must be damaged at least 3 first).


Guardian cards are the ones that probably work with Chewbacca the best, with the exception of his unique card; Bodyguard, Hold Ground, Provoke, and Guardian Stance.  Bodyguard is far better for the Rebels than the Imperials.  This is because of the Saboteurs.  The Saboteurs can provide a huge amount of damage however they are pretty easy to kill.  With Bodyguard Chewbacca can draw attacks to himself which he is far more likely to evade based on his defense die.  He can also take more punishment than any other Rebel unit.  Hold Ground is great forcing units to stay in place allowing the rest of your force to focus on the objectives.  Provoke pairs well with Hold Ground ensuring that your opponent will activate one of their limited units and probably not the ideal unit.  Last Guardian Stance is alright but not great.  If there is the space its a good card to put in, however I wouldn’t say that it is a priority.

Lastly there is Chewbacca’s unique command card.  This card is amazing, just as good if not better than Son of Skywalker.  It is slightly more limiting because you need a unit to die, however this happens all the time and if it isn’t your already winning.  Although it is slightly more limiting what makes it better is that Chewbacca becomes focused which will cause a 4 die attack, which is never a bad thing.


When speaking about Chewbacca I think the best thing we can do is compare him with the other 15 point unit, the Royal Guard Champion.  Both have a Black-White defensive and Chewie beats out the RGC by one health.  However when comparing these two I think of the Champion as a spear and Chewbacca as a shield.  Chewie is like a wall that is used to block an enemies path, take control of a location or defend a base.  His Slam works excellently with doing these things as well as his ability to stun his enemies which is more than likely given his die.  His protector ability will give cover to the weaker units brought along, and his keywords are incredibly useful.  I can’t wait to see more wookies in this game and look forward to seeing how they pair with Chewbacca.  I hope we get an 8 point pair of Wookies who also can use the slam ability, which would be crazy to slam multiple times.  Good squads for Chewbacca include:

Focus Fire


Elite Rebel Troopers

2 x Saboteurs



Wookies and Spies



2 x Saboteurs



Balance of the Force


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