Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Han Solo



Han Solo is an interesting unit that I haven’t completely made my mind up about.  One thing I have noticed about Han is he is unreliable on the defense.  With 12 points on the line he can be taken down quite quickly, even by weak units if you have a few weak rolls.  However there is no denying he feels like the Han Solo we see in the movies especially when you roll the Dodge.  He is a weird amalgamation of abilities that are incredibly thematic, yet sometimes coming up short in practice.  Han excels at doing damage and can really punch through an enemies defenses with ease.  Even beefier units will not last long while Han is shooting, though that is a two way street.


Han comes in at 12 points with 12 health and 4 speed.  These are relatively standard traits many of the unique units have health equal to their cost.  If it is lower it is to account for overly powerful abilities, while higher health is to account for particularly weak abilities.  So with this in mind Han has a run of the mill health with average speed of 4.


Han has a very impressive attack with a Green-Green-Blue his damage and surge chances are really well balanced.  He has an 85% chance of 3 damage or better and only drops to a 62% chance when considering 4 damage or higher.  The cool thing about Han is that he has two different surge abilities for damage, which I believe he is the only character capable of doing this.  Han has an 84% chance of rolling at least one surge, and a 42% chance of rolling at least two.  This means he will at very least likely be able to surge for two damage.  Putting these things together means Han is likely going to be giving you 5-6 damage every single shot.  Because of the amazing balance of the green die not rolling damage means rolling surges therefore his damage is surprisingly consistent compared to other units.  The greatest thing about Han is how hard it is to actually be unable to put damage through, even on big units like Vader and RGC.  Combined with this Han has excellent accuracy, he is unable to hit at any less than an accuracy of 4.  Rolling an accuracy of 5 or better is at a 92% chance, 6 or better at 72% chance, and 7 or better 48% chance.  On top of this one of Han’s surges can be used to add accuracy along with adding damage (for the same surge).  Han is not a close range character but I long distance shooter.  He is incredibly accurate, and incredibly deadly.

Han is not as epic when speaking defensively.  Rolling the white die means that he has the chance to dodge completely however his average roll is going to be only acceptable against weaker units.  Harder hitting units will tear through Han fast.  This is mitigated slightly by his cunning which makes his defense better than the average black die, however he can still be brought down with relative ease.


Han has some pretty interesting abilities which I feel have yet to be fully realized to their best extent, and I think as this game continues to grow we will see far more that synergizes with Han.

Return Fire:

Return Fire is an incredible ability though will likely only occur once a match(twice if your really lucky, or getting shot with Blue-Yellow combos).  As I already mentioned Han is great with damage so getting to push an extra attack in a match can easily remove entire unit.  This gives a hesitation to any unit prior to attacking Han.  There is always a chance that he will be able to shoot back if that Dodge comes up.  This ability I think is better for what it forces your opponent to do more than when it actually happens.  It is rare to use however the threat means your opponent must always have that on his mind.


Distracting is a really cool ability, which is essentially a mirror of Protector, dealing out an extra evade to all adjacent friendly units.  This ability is very good when matched with units with Black die like Gideon, Fenn, and Gaarkhan.  Where this ability really is begging for use however is units with Cunning.  This gives both an evade and a block to the defending unit automatically before any rolling occurs.  Currently our only units with Cunning are Han himself, Jyn, and Nexu.  However the more cunning we will see the more valuable Distracting will become.  Currently the best pairing is Han with Nexu, this is because the Nexu are given a significantly stronger defense with Han supporting, and Han is better protected by the large figure blocking others LOS to him.  Jyn wants to rely on her high movement and ability to move from evades keeping her near Han at all times will only limit her.


Cunning is a phenomenal ability making the white die far better than the black (check out my article on cunning here).  The short of it is that Cunning provides a match for each block on the black die, combined with evades, and a chance of dodging.

Key Words:


With the Smuggler trait Han has access to



Han is a very interesting and difficult piece to use.  It is important to keep him at quite a distant range from his enemies where he can take advantage of his excellent accuracy and damage without being open to attacks.  Supporting Han with units that can Stun or Bleed hostile units will help keep those units at a larger distance from Han.  Han also has a natural deterrent to attack him with weaker units with his return fire possibly occurring on any attack.  He also provides good support if needed with Distracting as well as his Leader key word.  Han is definitely an advanced unit, that requires skill to use however when used correctly he can be devastating to your opponent.  Another note I would make is that Han is especially useful when paired with specific command cards.  Cards like slippery target, I Make My Own Luck, and Take Cover will all give Han greater defense keeping him alive longer and allowing him to do what he does best.  Han is primarily a sniper and a support unit, not especially great at objectives or taking the enemy head on.  Han’s usefulness will continue to become more and more useful as more units with Cunning and/or Distracting release.

Han Walks the Dogs:

Han Solo

2 x Trandoshan Hunters

Elite Nexu


Gideon Argus

Temporary Alliance

Smugglers and Spies

Han Solo

2 x Elite Rebel Saboteurs




Rebel High Command

Balance of the Force


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