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Slam: Damaging Control

A while back I wrote an article concerning the ability Cunning which really boosts the white die to become significantly stronger than the black die.  Today I want to jump into another … Continue reading

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Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Han Solo

Scoundrel  Han Solo is an interesting unit that I haven’t completely made my mind up about.  One thing I have noticed about Han is he is unreliable on the defense. … Continue reading

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Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Chewbacca

Loyal Wookie Today I want to discuss Chewbacca, one of the most famous characters in Star Wars.  As to be expected Chewbacca is the most survivable of all the Rebel … Continue reading

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Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Royal Guard Champion

Spear of the Empire The Royal Guard Champion is definitely a force to reckoned with in Imperial Assault.  He has some of the highest offensive power in the game.  He … Continue reading

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Twin Shadows Speculations

One of the great things about previews like these are that the possibilities seem endless.  We are given just enough that we are so glad to learn more, yet still … Continue reading

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Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Luke Skywalker

Hero of the Rebellion A few weeks back I discussed Darth Vader as many people have before now, this week I will take a look at Luke and discuss his strengths … Continue reading

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Choosing Your Three Dice

Two weeks ago I posted tables on two die combinations with the probabilties of rolling each amount of damage, surge, and accuracy.  This week I want to take a look … Continue reading

March 12, 2015 · 5 Comments

Choosing Your Dice

This week I want to look at dice combinations what is effective in what situation and how to take advantage of choosing units with effective die.  I will mention briefly … Continue reading

March 5, 2015 · 2 Comments

Cunning: What makes the White Die way better than the Black One

This week I decided to break from discussing specific skirmish cards trying kill time till wave 1 is out and I can evaluate many of the cards more fully based … Continue reading

February 25, 2015 · 1 Comment

Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Darth Vader

Lord of the Sith As to be expected Darth Vader is a monster.  No matter what, if you sit down to the table and have Darth Vader staring back, you … Continue reading

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