Slam: Damaging Control

A while back I wrote an article concerning the ability Cunning which really boosts the white die to become significantly stronger than the black die.  Today I want to jump into another … Continue reading

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Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Han Solo

Scoundrel  Han Solo is an interesting unit that I haven’t completely made my mind up about.  One thing I have noticed about Han is he is unreliable on the defense. … Continue reading

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Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Chewbacca

Loyal Wookie Today I want to discuss Chewbacca, one of the most famous characters in Star Wars.  As to be expected Chewbacca is the most survivable of all the Rebel … Continue reading

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Imperial Assault Skirmish Examination: Luke Skywalker

Hero of the Rebellion A few weeks back I discussed Darth Vader as many people have before now, this week I will take a look at Luke and discuss his strengths … Continue reading

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Choosing Your Three Dice

Two weeks ago I posted tables on two die combinations with the probabilties of rolling each amount of damage, surge, and accuracy.  This week I want to take a look … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Rebels Season 1 Review

As a massive Star Wars fan I was very excited to hear about the new TV show Star Wars: Rebels.  I was especially excited to hear about the similar crew … Continue reading

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